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Layout options

Layout width

Select "Flexible" if you wish your layouts to be resized according to the browser width. Select "Responsive" in order for your layout to adapt to any screen resolution, whether it's a PC, tablet or a smartphone. These options may require additional time for your order completion.

Horizontal alignment

Selecet your website’s horizontal alignment.

Vertical alignment

Selecet your website’s vertical alignment.

Footer at bottom

The footer will always be placed at the bottom of the browser, regardless of the page's content.

Advanced markup options

Markup type

Select your preferred coding type. HTML5 is supported natively by Firefox 3.5+, Opera 10+, Google Chrome and Safari 4+; Internet Explorer 8+ will support it through JavaScript.

Commented HTML

Marks the structural blocks in the markup and allows to understand the code better or to have the ability to edit it.

Load speed optimization

The overall size of your website is optimized by choosing different compression methods for each image, using CSS Sprites techniques. The quantity and final size of CSS and JavaScript files are optimized as well.

SEO Semantic Coding + Complete Presentational Separation

Implements coding with SEO-valued tags to underline the most important parts of the content and emphasizes content positioning techniques. This improves page readability for search engines as well as various browsers with disabled or limited CSS.

SSI Templates

Implements SSI Templates, which increases the maintainability of your code. The code will be divided into several logical parts (files): navigation, content, header, footer, and more. These sections will be included in each page using SSI.

Outdated Browser Compatibility

Compatibility with the outdated versions of the most popular browsers: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+. Compatibility with actual versions of most popular browsers is included by default.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Allows compatibility with most popular native browsers on the following mobile platforms: iOs 5+ (iPhone, iPad), Android 2.3+, BlackBerry 6+ and Windows Phone 8).

Learn why mobile compatibility is important. See research by Adobe Systems (PDF).

Dreamweaver Compatibility Option

Allows your markup to be editable in Dreamweaver.

WAI 2.0 / Section 508

Ensures that users with disabilities can access the information presented on the web page. Section 508 compliance is a common requirement for United States state agencies.

CSS options

CSS Version

Specify your preferred CSS version. CSS3 allows using less images and creating simple html structure, which increases the load speed and makes html even more semantic.

CSS 3 is supported natively in the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4+, Safari 5, Chrome, Opera 11.

Commented CSS

Allows the user to understand the code better, or to have the ability to edit it.

Print Version CSS

A separate print CSS stylesheet is created to ensure the correct display of the specified elements in the print view of the page.

CSS Frameworks

If you use CSS Frameworks in your own coding, please choose one of the options listed below.

Relative Font Sizes

Allows users to change font size (text size only) in browsers (including Internet Explorer) and ensures that layout does not break when font size is changed.

Non-web Fonts

If there are non-web fonts in the design and you prefer to keep the text editable maintaining the original look without using images, choose one of the following alternatives.

JavaScript options


Adds dynamic rollovers for links or other elements.

Drop down menu

Select this option is you want a dynamic drop down menu on your site.

Carousel / Image Gallery

A carousel gallery is a dynamic gallery that rotates images or videos, allowing users to view previews of the gallery's images and navigate through them with nice animations.


A Lightbox is a modal window that appears above the rest of the content on a web page, displaying images, video or mutimedia elements.


The tabs area is a container that has multiple panes (i.e. tabs) but shows only one at a time. Their usage increases the usability of your website by saving space on your web page.

Accordion menu

The accordion menu is a menu type with clickable sections that expand up or down. Thus you can compact all menu lists into small sections and let them expand when needed.


The tooltip is a graphical user interface element that is triggered when you hover your cursor over an element like a hyperlink. It reveals some supplementary information about the element that you can assign to explain to your users what will happen if they click on it.

Custom scrolling

If your design includes custom scrollbars, which you would like to use instead of default ones, make sure you select this option.

Form validation

Allows to check if the user entered valid information (such as an email address) to a web form before it is sent to the server. The data is processed on client side, which provides better user experience and helps to avoid server overloads.

Custom form elements

Choose this option if you’d like to customize the look of your check-boxes, radio buttons, or select drop down menus according to your designs.


A slider is a horizontal or vertical bar with a moving handle that can slide along the bar's length. The value of the slider changes according to the position of its pointer and is set by a user or according to any other input data that can be set dynamically.


A calendar is a client-side script that opens a window with a calendar that can be styled according to your design. The calendar allows you to browse through to any day/month/year you like. A calendar is an essential tool for archive pages, booking sites, event pages, news sites etc.

Order summary

  • Pro Package

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Layout Width: Fixed
  • Horizontal Alignment: Center
  • Vertical Alignment: Top
  • Footer at bottom
  • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Commented HTML
  • Load Speed Optimization
  • SEO Semantic Coding
  • SSI Templates
  • Outdated Browser Compatibility
  • Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Dreamweaver Compatibility
  • WAI 2.0 / Section 508
  • CSS Version: CSS 2.1
  • Commented CSS
  • Print Version CSS
  • CSS Framework: None
  • Relative Font Sizes
  • Non-web Fonts: Image Replacement
  • Rollovers
  • Drop down menu
  • Carousel / Image Gallery
  • Lightbox
  • Tabs
  • Accordion menu
  • Tooltip
  • Custom scrolling
  • Form validation
  • Custom form elements
  • Slider
  • Calendar

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Email Template Package

XHTML 1.0 Transitional
Table-based with styles
We test for compatibility in:
MS Outlook 2003+, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Opera M2,
Mozilla Thunderbird, AOL Webmail,
Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail.

$149 Per

Please note
If you need compatibility with a different email client or different software implementation, please specify so in the notes area when placing an order and we will definitely investigate the possibility of completing your request.

Order details

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Note: The final timeline for your order completion will be provided after a thorough review of your project's requirements.
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