Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can I contact PsdGoesHtml?

We use the Dashboard for discussing the projects. It is created specifically to make the communication process more convenient for you and for us, and tracks all communications between client and company so everything is totally clear as the order proceeds. This is the key communication tool for our clients and company to help achieve perfection in the conversion process.

You can also contact us via email:

Can I get a quote and ETA?

Sure! That's what the managers' team is here for! You can get professional advice on which options to choose for your pages as well as the quote and delivery date for your order by sending your designs.

Once you select a package and fill in the number of pages, the total cost will be shown automatically at the bottom of the page. You can also choose the necessary options and the total will be adjusted accordingly.

The quote can be revised based on the simplicity or complexity of the pages you provide and the options you choose for your project. Feel free to send quote requests via the Contact Form.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We currently accept payments via PayPal, you can use the following cards: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.

Can I get a discount?

The following discount rules apply:

  • Each secondary page of the same website is offered at a 50% discount.
  • Discounts are offered for bulk orders. The precise discount is provided once we investigate your designs and requirements.

We are always open to discuss long-term partnership opportunities. Contact us for details.

What is your turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time for one page is 8 business hours. Each additional page associated with the same project takes 3-8 working hours, depending on the complexity and specifications of the order. We start work on the project only after all details are crystal clear between the client and the project manager.

When posting an order you will see the approximate delivery date. Please note that it may change depending on the complexity and specifications of your order. You can also choose expedited service, at an additional cost, to speed up delivery.

CMS implementations are scheduled separately from general HTML markup, depending on the functionality required. The expedited delivery option is not applied to implementation requests.

If your source file is in AI / EPS format, we will need to convert it into PSD and have your confirmation before proceeding with the markup. Please note that this may take additional time. Please also make sure that you enclosed all the external images and fonts used in your AI / EPS file.

Designs utilizing JPEG files generally will also take longer to deliver.

Will anyone find out that you sliced the design for me?

Of course not. We have a very strict NDA policy. However, if you like our work and decide to recommend us to somebody we will be very grateful.

What if I need some changes to the completed markup?

You are always welcome to send over a list of changes you want to be made. We are happy to help you with the minor amendments, even if they are not included in your original project specifications. In a case where the updates were not originally discussed and require a great deal of effort, the changes will be quoted separately.

We are always happy to help you with updates to your project far into the future. We never neglect our clients after delivering the final markup, since it is more important to us to create a close collaborative partnership with our clients.

Technical Questions

What browsers do you support?

We create high quality code that is compliant with the W3C standards. All our packages include cross-browser compatibility, and our QA team will test your website in all popular modern browsers including:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Mozilla Firefox 5+
  • Safari 5.1+
  • Opera 12+
  • Chrome 10+

Do you support outdated browsers?

If your website visitors are still using old browser versions such as Safari 5, Firefox 4 or Internet Explorer 7, you can select the Outdated Browser Compatibility option on our order page.

Do you test the projects on Mac OS or Windows?

We test all projects on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Do you support mobile devices?

Of course! All you have to do is select the Mobile Device Compatibility option. You will get compatibility with:

  • iOS 5+ (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android 2.3+
  • Blackberry 6+
  • Windows Phone 8.

Can you implement my non-web fonts?

Yes, we can use the @font-face technique for implementing non-web fonts. However, please note that the client is fully responsible for having the required licenses and following the EULA of the font's author.

What types of source files do you accept?

The most preferable source files are layered PSD, PNG or TIFF files.

We also accept AI / EPS files, but please note that additional time will be needed to convert them into PSD format.

If layered files are not available, we can also accept flattened designs in other formats like JPEG or PDF. For PDF source file please specify the exact dimensions in px to be used for the page. Please note that there may be cases where it is impossible or undesirable to use flattened files for particular elements. The projects with flattened designs usually require additional time.

Please note that the design files you submit to us should be in RGB color scheme. If the design is in CMYK color scheme, we will convert it to RGB and ask for your confirmation on the result. Please note that this may take additional time and some tints may differ from the original version.

When in doubt, upload the files you have, and ask your questions – we will advise you from there.

What is the SSI option?

Server Side Includes (SSI) is a simple server-side scripting language that makes site maintenance easier. The elements common throughout the site are put in separate files to conserve server resources. For instance, the header of your site will be loaded from the SSI file and will be automatically displayed on every page of your site, no matter how many pages you have.

When you choose this option, you will receive two versions of the site. One will include html pages, which can be opened both locally and from the server. The other will use SSI. PHP Includes can also be done upon request.

Please specify which elements should be included in the SSI.

Additional Requests

I need it for yesterday!

You came to the right place! We can do it faster. If your order is time-sensitive, let us know immediately and we will look into expedited delivery possibilities.

I need my site re-sliced. What files shall I send then?

Please supply us with the site files to work from (html, css, images, script files, etc) that are used to display your site. The screenshots of the desired look of the pages would be handy as well, to make sure that the final markup looks like it was intended to.

Do you do custom JavaScript / PHP?

Yes! We will be happy to assist you with any custom JavaScript / AJAX / PHP you need. Feel free to specify the functionality you are interested in and the preferable library or framework. The quote will be provided separately, depending on the request.

Do you support ASP.NET?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not offer ASP.NET services. We are always happy to help you with the markup; you may provide us with the specific requirements to the HTML / CSS, if any.

Can you add print styles to my website?

Sure we can! Just select this option when making an order, you will be able to find it under CSS options. If you have preferences as to what elements need to appear on the print version or you have a specific design of the printed version, please attach it to the project. If you don't specify preferences, we will complete your project at our own discretion.

What is the best way to send design notes?

You can send us any additional request or design notes in the Project Notes section when posting an order. They may also be placed in the design file itself. Whatever is most convenient for you.

If you'd like us to follow any specific guidelines (for example use a specific CSS framework, avoid using particular CSS rules, use a specific JS library, etc) please do not forget to include this information. In case there are no notes from you, we will make the markup based on our discretion and experience.

Email Templates

Why do we use table-based layouts for emails?

We use tables for email templates to ensure maximum compatibility with as many email clients as possible, even for those email clients that do not support CSS or cannot load images. An email template marked up with tables is sure to be displayed correctly for all your customers.

What are the main restrictions for email templates?

Due to the limited possibilities of using CSS in email clients, here are the following design requirements:

  • Please note that the text laid over the pattern background will be made as an image. The editable HTML text can be laid over the solid color backgrounds only.
  • Try to avoid placing elements one over the other, e.g. the button is placed over the background image. Otherwise, such elements will be made as one image.

What is the optimal width of an email templates?

The optimal width is from 600px to 700px.

Which fonts are more suitable?

Web fonts without effects are preferable. Any other fonts will be included into images.

What if I need MailChimp compatibility?

If you are planning to use MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, or similar, keep in mind that it is necessary to include a link that allows to unsubscribe from the newsletter (unsubscribe link).

CMS Implementations

What is included in CMS Implementations?

The prices listed on our order page cover the default basic CMS functionality. If you are going to need a custom development for your theme, this will be quoted separately. Keep in mind that the CMS theme only includes the pages present in the markup. We also include:

  • 30-days support
  • Thorough QA
  • Free minor updates
  • Dedicated Project Manager

Can you help me with the installation?

Of course, we can install the theme on your server for you. Please provide us with the following details:

  • FTP access (host, login, password)
  • http link to the server folder
  • phpMyAdmin access (if possible)

If the CMS is not installed on your server, we can deal with the installation. The following details will be needed in this case:

  • Host of the MySQL server
  • Login, password for DataBase
  • Database name (if it exists)

If you have the CMS already installed, we will need access to the admin panel. Please let us know beforehand if any content is already present on the site. This may affect the time required for the installation.

Can you create a custom CMS for me?

Sure, we can. We provide the following CMS implementation: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Magento, Shopify. If you need custom CMS solutions, please describe the desired functionality under Project Notes.

Are you able to create a theme from existing markup?

You are welcome to provide us with the existing HTML / CSS for investigation. After examining the markup we will let you know whether it can be used for implementation or if creating the markup from scratch is recommended instead.

Do you support the theme on an ongoing basis?

Yes, we provide theme support for 30 days after its delivery for free. When the thirty days are up, we are happy to support our products on a paid basis upon your request.

What is the version of the CMS you provide?

We work with the latest stable release of the desired CMS (available at the project start point) by default. If you need compatibility with any other versions of the CMS, please notify us about it in the Notes or Dashboard in order for us to consider this possibility upon your request.

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